Vintage Toy Nursery – The ‘Reveal’

Since this is the fifth time I’ve participated in the One Room Challenge, a six-week-long event where participants focus their efforts on making big changes in one room in their house, I should have known it would be an impossible challenge to complete within the allotted time frame while simultaneously caring for a newborn baby.

When the ORC began in early October, I had a four week old baby weighing in under 6 lbs, wearing Preemie clothing.  Now at its completion, she’s ten weeks, over 9 lbs, and moving from Newborn to 3 month clothes!  Of course, with fattening up a teeny, tiny baby as my primary focus, the room is not 100% complete, but we’re making progress.

Warning:  This post contains unedited photos of an unfinished room taken by an unrested new mom. 🙂 Continue reading

Vintage Toy Neutral nursery in progress - Fall 2018 One Room Challenge

Vintage Toy Nursery – One Room Challenge Week 4

Creating a gender neutral nursery using vintage toys and old children's books as inexpensive and easy decor over the course of six weeks.

To quickly recap the project, I’m creating a gender neutral vintage toy themed nursery (with a few easily reversed girly touches) for our seven-week old daughter and any subsequent children.  We moved into our house less than three months before she arrived, so our main focus for her bedroom (and the rest of the house!) was to create a functional space without worrying much about how it looked.  Now that she’s here, I’m taking it from functional to fun! Continue reading

Vintage Toy Neutral nursery - Fall 2018 One Room Challenge

Vintage Toy Nursery – One Room Challenge Week 2

In Week 2 of the One Room Challenge, I made a tiny bit of forward progress.  This week was a tough one for getting much of anything accomplished. Little Miss had some congestion and was fussy. As a result, I spent a lot of time just hanging out and holding her instead of putting her in her swing or bouncy seat so I could do things. I kept reminding myself that she won’t be tiny forever and has no idea what her room looks like – she doesn’t even sleep in it yet – so whether I get photos framed or curtains hung or decide on a paint color on a certain day doesn’t truly matter. Continue reading

One Room Challenge Week 2 | Homespun by Laura |

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Makers & DIY-ers

Whether your favorite DIY-er is into making crafts, art, home decor, or just a big mess, you’ll find something for them here.  These gifts aren’t limited to Christmas, either.  This gift guide for DIYers will help you find the Perfect something for birthdays, mother’s day, or any other day of the year.  I’ve compiled a wide variety of items from all kinds of diy and craft categories to help make the day a special one.

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