To-Do List Tuesday & a Master Bathroom Update

During September’s 30 Projects in 30 Days, I checked so many items off of the ever-expanding to-do list – 30, to be precise, in case you were wondering – but that barely put a dent in it.  So I’m going to continue whittling it down, tackling one thing at a time and sharing my progress on the blog on (most) Tuesdays.

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The $200 Master Bathroom Refresh | Homespun by Laura

30 Projects in 30 Days: Week 3 (The $200 Master Bathroom Refresh)

I don’t know why (in my head, anyway) I had to leave our master bathroom untouched until a full renovation made its way to the top of the project list.  A shocking 8.5 years went by before I realized this was a really stupid idea that was just preventing us from enjoying the space we have.  For week 3 of the #30projectsin30days challenge, I focused my attention on giving this sorry excuse for a master bathroom a long-overdue facelift.

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