Fun, Colorful Laundry Room | One Room Challenge | Week 5

Oh boy, it’s the final week of the One Room Challenge!  I checked several boxes off the to-do list in Week 5, but there’s still plenty to do to turn this boring beige space into a fun and colorful laundry room.

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Fun, Colorful Laundry Room | One Room Challenge | Week 4

In Week 4 of the one Room Challenge, I struggled to make final decisions on cabinet paint color and accent wall design.  Keep reading to see the choices I’ve narrowed it down to.

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Vintage Toy Nursery – The ‘Reveal’

Since this is the fifth time I’ve participated in the One Room Challenge, a six-week-long event where participants focus their efforts on making big changes in one room in their house, I should have known it would be an impossible challenge to complete within the allotted time frame while simultaneously caring for a newborn baby.

When the ORC began in early October, I had a four week old baby weighing in under 6 lbs, wearing Preemie clothing.  Now at its completion, she’s ten weeks, over 9 lbs, and moving from Newborn to 3 month clothes!  Of course, with fattening up a teeny, tiny baby as my primary focus, the room is not 100% complete, but we’re making progress.

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Vintage Toy Neutral nursery in progress - Fall 2018 One Room Challenge

Vintage Toy Nursery – One Room Challenge Week 4

To quickly recap the project, I’m participating in the One Room Challenge and creating a gender neutral vintage toy themed nursery (with a few easily reversed girly touches) for our seven-week old daughter and any subsequent children.  We moved into our house less than three months before she arrived, so our main focus for her bedroom (and the rest of the house!) was to create a functional space without worrying much about how it looked.  Now that she’s here, I’m taking it from functional to fun! Continue reading

Nursery closet hairbow wall storage and display - Fall 2018 One Room Challenge

Vintage Toy Nursery – One Room Challenge Week 3

In Week 3 of the One Room Challenge, I focused on making a few DIY decor items.  As with the first two weeks of the ORC, it was a struggle to work on the nursery to-do list.  I managed to tackle a couple of my goals and learned how to wear the baby to help accomplish these goals while simultaneously snuggling. Continue reading

Vintage Toy Neutral nursery - Fall 2018 One Room Challenge

Vintage Toy Nursery – One Room Challenge Week 2

In Week 2 of the One Room Challenge, I made a tiny bit of forward progress.  This week was a tough one for getting much of anything accomplished. Little Miss had some congestion and was fussy. As a result, I spent a lot of time just hanging out and holding her instead of putting her in her swing or bouncy seat so I could do things. I kept reminding myself that she won’t be tiny forever and has no idea what her room looks like – she doesn’t even sleep in it yet – so whether I get photos framed or curtains hung or decide on a paint color on a certain day doesn’t truly matter. Continue reading

Country Living Fair - Nashville | Homespun by Laura

A Rainy Weekend at the Country Living Fair

For the first time ever, my mom and I took a trip together over the weekend, just the two of us.  A few months ago, I asked her if she’d like to go to Nashville for the Country Living Fair, and she agreed.
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An Afternoon in Waco, Texas

 Like millions of other people, I’ve watched Fixer Upper since its first season three years ago.  I love Chip’s crazy antics, Jo’s method of mixing old and new to create beautiful, homey spaces, and Clint’s amazing reclaimed furniture pieces.  If given the opportunity, I’d move to Waco and work for either company in just about any capacity.  That won’t ever happen, but recently I got as close as I’ll ever get.

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