Den Redesign: Upholstered Chair and Ottoman

I’m coming to you on this beautiful morning from the back patio, where it’s in the mid-70s and mostly shady, though the sun will hit any minute now and it will jump to 85 and sunny, causing me to flee inside to the air conditioning.  It was very cool (for May) here over the weekend, so we were able to break in our new firepit the other night.  It was a nice change from our usual evening routine, which mainly consists of watching tv together after dinner.

But onto the main topic of this post – the upholstered chair.  We bought this chair and matching ottoman at a furniture consignment store about five years ago, and it’s been in need of attention ever since.  It wasn’t in horrible condition – and it’s always been super comfortable – but it looked a little sad and needed some help.

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Hello, online world.

 Seeing as this is my first post and nothing and no one on Earth besides Google, my dog Rocky, and I know about this blog’s creation, it would seem as though I’m talking to myself.  I’ll change that when I’m ready. 🙂

I’ve been thinking for a while about creating a blog to share what I enjoy doing in my spare time – designing and creating Stuff.  “Stuff” includes, but is not limited to: making cakes and jewelry, sewing, and repurposing old/vintage/antique items (some would go so far as to refer to these items as ‘junk,’ but junk is one of my best friends!). 

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