Updated Thrift Store Skirt

Hello again, long lost blog!  It’s been a crazy (almost) 2 months since I last shared a project.  During that time, I’ve stayed busy…   

…celebrating my birthday…   
…decorating a groom’s cake for a rehearsal dinner…
 Wofford/USC groom’s cake with a little Christmas flourish
…spending time with family and friends at Christmas…
amazingly, this is one of only a few photos I took while out of town for Christmas
…making Christmas presents for multiple family members…
…training for a marathon…creating a costume to wear during said marathon (more info on this to come in a future post!)…running the Disney World Marathon…spending a week at the Mouse Kingdom…
in front of Cinderella’s castle
running through Cinderella’s castle
…and of course, working on other crafts and projects…I just couldn’t stop creating long enough to blog about them! 
But here we are, just under the 2-month mark since my last post, and it’s time to get back to work.
I found this vintage wool houndstooth wrap skirt at the thrift shop near my house for $1.00.  It fit, but it was a little snug in the waist and a little plain, so I decided to work my magic on it!
I used some lace and cute vintage-looking buttons to freshen it up a bit.
I began by making the skirt a bit larger in the waist so I could actually breathe in it! It was a really easy fix since it’s just a wrap skirt, so no zippers were involved.  I put the skirt on and marked the spots for the new buttons to go.
Marking the new button positions
The easiest and quickest way to add the lace to the bottom of the skirt without having a seam showing was to pin it to the wrong side of the skirt and hand-stitch it to the underside, only catching the hem on the inside of the skirt.  I used the same process to stitch the lace to the perpendicular edge of the front flap.
I sealed the edges of the lace with ribbon sealer before stitching

I plopped myself down in front of an episode of Saturday Night Live while I sewed on the buttons and lace, and within an hour (including distraction time…), I was finished!

New button and existing buttonhole
My new skirt was all ready just in time to wear for my birthday dinner and a Willie Nelson concert…but since vintage wool skirts don’t really fit in at a Willie Nelson concert, I changed into jeans and boots after dinner 🙂
Our view at dinner across the river toward downtown
The Red-Headed Stranger on stage!
Happy birthday to me!
Thanks for reading!  I’ll return sooner next time 🙂

Time: ~1 hour

Cost:  less than $5