Wireless Router Book Cover

I’ve always thought our router was ugly.  It’s in a prominent spot in our kitchen, due to the fact that at any given time, we have one or more computer using the wireless connection, and that computer could be upstairs above the garage, upstairs where the bedrooms are, downstairs in the kitchen or den, or outside on the patio or hammock.  And the kitchen was the central location.  So there it sits on our antique side table, looking ugly.

This project is kind of a copycat from a pin I saw on Pinterest (of course).  It turned out to be about the simplest do-it-yourself project I’ve ever done.  It worked out well because it was a very busy week and weekend, so it took just the right amount of time.

I bought the book at a little antique shop in Friendsville, Maryland on the side of one of the back roads we took on our way to visit my brother in Pittsburgh a few weeks ago, with this project in mind.  It cost about 50 cents.

It broke my heart to cut the thing up.  I hated cutting up a little peice of history like this!  I’ve saved the pages from it and need to figure out what i’m going to do with them…another project from another day!  Take a look at this old book:

In case you can’t read it, that says “Political Science, Fall 51-52”

So, about to have a panic attack, I photographed the book…and then started cutting it up.  All I needed for this project was:

  • X-acto knife
  • butcher paper
  • scissors
  • tape

I began by bending back the front cover to slice the pages away from it.

And got this:

Next, I bent back the back cover and sliced the pages away from it (a little more carefully than before, since I took out a little bit of the cover when I sliced the front off).

This peice of artwork fell out from between the pages as I
removed them from the cover.  Poor little cow!
The whole book, separated
To protect the insides of the covers and hide the little chunk of the cover/spine I sliced off, I cut a peice of butcher paper just smaller than the inside of the cover and taped it down, making sure it would lie flat when the ‘book’ was closed.

Here’s the view from inside:

And here’s the finished product in its final resting place!


Now that I think about it, a cookbook of some kind would have made more sense since this is in the kitchen…but perhaps one day it’ll be needed in an office or study in a future house and the government textbook will make more sense… 🙂

Anyway, thanks for reading!

Time:  20 minutes

Cost:  Under $5 (don’t remember exactly how much the book cost…but it was pretty cheap!)