Daily Doodle: Week 6

Well, I’m a week late in posting Week 6’s Doodles, so it’s time to catch up!  The focus of the series of Doodles I did this week was a view of the Central Park Boating Lake with the skyline of Central Park South in the background.  I took the photo during a bike ride through Central Park on our trip to NYC in August, and it made it onto my list of pictures I’d like to recreate in my Paint My Vacation series.  

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Daily Doodles: Week 5

homespun by laura daily doodle vintage rotary telephone watercolor

Hello again!  Week 5’s Doodle post will include 5 Doodles, all of which turned out to be watercolors.  I’m really enjoying working with watercolors right now, and have even more planned for Week 6!  There’s a bonus this week: In addition to five more Doodles, you get a recipe recommendation with February 3rd’s Doodle.  And it’s delicious!
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Daily Doodle: Week 4

homespun by laura daily doodle colored pencil sketch vintage beach cruiser bike

I fell behind a bit with my Doodles last week.  I had hoped to catch up by Sunday so I could finish January with an even (odd!) 31 Doodles, but came up short at 28 Doodles.  But that’s 28 more Doodles than I’ve ever done in a month, so I’ll take it!  Plus, I spent a couple of hours catching up yesterday morning, and have now pulled ahead – I have one extra Doodle in my sketchbook!

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Daily Doodle: Week 3

homespun by laura paint my vacation sketch shakespeare garden central park new york city nyc watercolor fence with flowers

I’m really excited to share this week’s Doodles.  There are 9 in all; the first 8 were all done in preparation for the final Doodle of the week. It’s the biggest watercolor (both in size and in detail) I’ve ever done.  In fact, the only time I’ve ever painted anything larger was this 2’x3′ acrylic on plywood painting I did for our backyard a couple years ago.

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Daily Doodle: Week 2

homespun by laura daily doodle flamingo watercolor

I’m sitting here listening to a David Bowie record (yes, an actual record, complete with the sound of the needle scratching against it!) on the new record player I got for Christmas.  I finally set it up over the weekend and we’ve been listening to records ever since.  We have a small but cool selection, all collected from thrift stores, estate sales, and flea markets, and it’s been a fun way to work for the past few days.

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Daily Doodle: Week 1

homespun by laura daily doodle ladybug colored pencil sketch sketchbook

One of my goals for 2016 is to do some kind of art every day.  Anything that will help me to improve my artistic skills (as I haven’t drawn on a regular basis since middle school) is fair game:  the Daily Doodle can be as simple as a quick 10-minute sketch or as involved as a full watercolor painting that takes two hours, or anything in between.

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