Daily Doodles: Week 5

homespun by laura daily doodle vintage rotary telephone watercolor

Hello again!  Week 5’s Doodle post will include 5 Doodles, all of which turned out to be watercolors.  I’m really enjoying working with watercolors right now, and have even more planned for Week 6!  There’s a bonus this week: In addition to five more Doodles, you get a recipe recommendation with February 3rd’s Doodle.  And it’s delicious!

February 2
homespun by laura daily doodle pink tulips watercolor
It’s Groundhog day, and the groundhog didn’t see his shadow.  For me, that means a springy tulip Doodle instead of a wintry snow scene for today’s Doodle.  View on Instagram.
February 3
homespun by laura daily doodle brush lettering calligraphy watercolor
I made Beef and Guinness Pie for dinner tonight.  This seems unrelated to the Doodle, and it kind of is…but it was while the stew was in the oven that I headed upstairs to do this Doodle.  As I worked, the delicious aroma of beef, onions, and carrots marinating in a big pot wafted its way through the laundry room and up the staircase, making it difficult to focus on my Doodle.  There, now it’s related!
irish beef and guinness pie
I highly recommend this meal!  It’s a long process (especially when you thought you bought puff pastry a few weeks ago, then realize you just found it in the freezer section but didn’t actually buy it, so you have to run back out to the store in the middle of 5:00 traffic!) but it’s delicious and totally worth it!

Back to the Doodle:  I’ve been planning to redo the text on my blog header image (Go ahead, scroll up and take a look.  I’ll wait!), which I painted (along with the other images on it) in October without practicing, and I could certainly do better.  So for today’s Doodle, I practiced brush lettering my name with watercolors a bit more.  I’ll keep working on it until I’m ready for a redo!  View on Instagram.
February 5
homespun by laura daily doodle dry brush highlighting watercolor
I’ve been working on some images behind the scenes that I’m not ready to share yet, and a technique that I needed to practice for these images was highlighting.  I tried this technique for the first time on the stone path in Week 3, but definitely need more practice with it.  So I brushed a few circles and cylinders onto a piece of paper and tried a few different ways of using white paint on a dry brush to make these flat shapes appear more spherical.  I still haven’t had the nerve to try any of these techniques on the real paintings yet, though.  View on Instagram.
February 6
homespun by laura daily doodle vintage rotary telephone watercolor
I ran a 5k this morning in the freezing cold and ran faster than I have run in years!  It felt good to get out in the cold and run hard…and then stand next to the giant space heaters with hot chocolate and freshly made, steaming hot mini donuts from a local food truck at the post-race event.
I brought home new awards to add to the medal display I shared last week.
The race was only a few blocks from the market that’s held on Main Street every Saturday, so the Mister and I wandered through it and found some new records to listen to in the office, some yummy kettle corn (that we might have snuck into a movie as a snack…), and a booth full of some really cool art pieces that are painted on salvaged wood, windows, and furniture. 
The one that caught our attention was painted onto a section of a kitchen table the guy had found at a flea market.  The work in this booth gave me an idea for future Doodles – why not try using something other than paper for some of them?
The piece we bought had a design similar to the one on the suitcase below:


Anyway, back to today’s Doodle: You might recognize it as one of the phones in the series I did in pen last week – I liked those phones so much I decided to paint them!  This is also one of the paintings I haven’t had the guts to add the highlighting to, as mentioned on yesterday’s Doodle.  I think it looks ok without it, though it would look better with it, and I can’t decide whether to take some white paint to it or not… View on Instagram.
February 7
homespun by laura daily doodle us phone booth vintage telephone watercolor
Here’s another image you might recognize!  I re-drew and painted this phone booth today.  Fun fact: the movie theater we might or might not have snuck our fresh kettle corn into last night has one of these outside of it.  Besides that one, I can’t say the last time I saw one of these!  View on Instagram.
The first time we noticed this phone booth a few years ago,
I insisted on stopping to take a picture at it.
And there you have it!  Week 5 is complete, and I’m excited to share with you that in Week 6, I’ll be focusing on another image from our travels for Volume 2 of my new Paint My Vacation series!

Doodle Summary
I skipped Doodling on Thursday, so I’m one Doodle short!
This week’s Doodle total:  5
Yearly Doodle total: 38
Click here to see my Doodles from previous weeks.

Thanks for reading!

Here’s another reason I wanted to
practice watercoloring my name!


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