Projects for my Parents: Part 2

This lamp has looked a little sad for a really long time.  First of all, I can’t remember it ever working.  The theory is that somewhere along the way, its wires were accidentally cut while someone was doing yard work.  Or maybe some tree roots broke them as they grew.  Can tree roots break electricity lines?  There are several trees that were planted in my parents’ yard in the last 20 or 25 years that have grown into giants that could have done that, if it’s actually a possibility.

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Outdoor Projects

Confession:  I may have stared this post over two months ago. Ok, I DID start this post over two months ago.

It was late May, and the weather was nice so I spent the day outside working on some projects out on the patio I’d been wanting to do for a couple of months.  I found these ideas on Pinterest here and here.

I pass a Goodwill every day on my way home from work and have to talk myself out of stopping by pointing out to myself how many projects are on my to-do list with their materials scattered about my Yellow Room, taking up precious space and on occasion, making me feel a little crazy because I don’t know what to do next!

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