Daily Doodles Week 10 | The Opera House watercolor | Homespun by Laura

Daily Doodles: Week 10

This week’s Doodle is a catch up from before we left for our big cross-country road trip.  The weekend before we started the journey, we went to visit my grandmother for lunch, so I decided to doodle a building in her hometown to give to her.

The building I chose is the Opera House, where she went to movies growing up in the 20s and 30s, and where she also sang while studying music in college in the early 40s.  The Opera House still hosts shows every week, and the Mister and I have enjoyed many performances there ourselves. Two of our favorites were a Queen tribute band and an excellent production of A Christmas Carol, which was so good we saw again when it returned to town last year!

It was a busy week as we prepared to be gone for three months, so I did a quick pencil sketch one morning.


The next day, I had a few minutes to complete the sketch and clean it up with a pen.  On the third day, I got out the watercolors and finished it up.  

I put it in a frame and took it with us for our visit.  We put it in a prominent place on her TV stand where she can see it from her favorite chair.  When I returned to visit her last week, I found it right where I left it.

We made a quick pit stop so I could take this picture on the way to see her

My Doodling got pretty irregular after this during our travels, but I’m still trying to catch up a bit even though I’m pretty far behind.

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