One Room Challenge Week 2 | Homespun by Laura |

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Makers & DIY-ers

Whether your favorite DIY-er is into making crafts, art, home decor, or just a big mess, you’ll find something for them here.  These gifts aren’t limited to Christmas, either.  This gift guide for DIYers will help you find the Perfect something for birthdays, mother’s day, or any other day of the year.  I’ve compiled a wide variety of items from all kinds of diy and craft categories to help make the day a special one.

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Daily Doodle: Week 7 and Two Free Coloring Pages

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Week 7 of the Doodle project is long since over…but it’s been busy lately, so I’m late in sharing.

A couple weeks ago, we hit the road and headed to Greenville, SC so I could attend the Maker Fest at the Children’s Museum of the Upstate.  It was my first time going to any kind of maker event or craft market, and spent a lot of time preparing for the event in the weeks leading up to it.  My Doodling suffered as a result, but some Doodling is better than no Doodling!  Here’s what I was able to do in Week 7.

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Daily Doodle: Week 6

Well, I’m a week late in posting Week 6’s Doodles, so it’s time to catch up!  The focus of the series of Doodles I did this week was a view of the Central Park Boating Lake with the skyline of Central Park South in the background.  I took the photo during a bike ride through Central Park on our trip to NYC in August, and it made it onto my list of pictures I’d like to recreate in my Paint My Vacation series.  

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How to Reveal a Surprise Trip + Rediscovering my Love for Watercolors, d our Trip to NYC | Homespun by Laura | Create a scrapbook of photos or hand drawings as a gift to reveal a surprise birthday or Christmas trip!

How to Reveal a Surprise Trip, Rediscovering my Love for Watercolors, and Our Trip to NYC – Part 2

Welcome back for Part 2 of the post with the longest title ever! 

I’ve never planned a trip by myself before.  I’ve never surprised anyone with such a big gift, either.  As the time to reveal my plans got closer, I started to worry a little that the Mister wouldn’t like it or that when we actually got there, the trip wouldn’t live up to the hype I’d created.  Also, what if I’d planned too many activities for each day and we wound up rushing from one to the next without fully enjoying each one?  I’m happy to say all these worries were unfounded; somehow I’d allowed the right amount of time for each event and we even had time to wander for a while with no destination.  I just couldn’t stop worrying for a couple of days there.  

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