Daily Doodle: Week 7 and Two Free Coloring Pages

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Week 7 of the Doodle project is long since over…but it’s been busy lately, so I’m late in sharing.

A couple weeks ago, we hit the road and headed to Greenville, SC so I could attend the Maker Fest at the Children’s Museum of the Upstate.  It was my first time going to any kind of maker event or craft market, and spent a lot of time preparing for the event in the weeks leading up to it.  My Doodling suffered as a result, but some Doodling is better than no Doodling!  Here’s what I was able to do in Week 7.

 February 18
homespun by laura, daily doodle, hello, pen and ink, brush lettering

The focus of today’s Doodle was to write out a cute cursive ‘hello’ with one of my new pens.  I hadn’t used a brush pen before (it was a week of firsts!), and I liked the nice bold stroke that created a paint-like result.  Of the 10 or so ‘hello’s I wrote today, this was the winner for the text on my new notecards, available for sale in my Etsy shop!  View on Instagram.

February 20

This Doodle is a sneak preview of the next Doodle.  It’s part of the pen and ink sketch I did of the Reedy River running through downtown Greenville, SC.  For the Maker Fest, I needed to provide an activity for the children in attendance.  Since I dabble in so many different areas I was stumped at first about what to offer the kids, but then decided that a coloring page of the town they were in (and an area they had likely visited before) seemed fitting.  View on Instagram.

In addition to the river scene, I also made a blank version of the farm I painted in Week 2 so the kids would have two options.

Special Announcement: both of these pages are available for you to print out for the kiddos (…or for yourself!) to color!

 February 26
Today’s Doodle is a full-sized, full-color version of the previous Doodle.  I switched over from watercolors today and filled it in with colored pencil.  View on Instagram.
Since I mentioned the Maker Fest earlier, I thought I’d share a few photos from it.
The Maker and her table
I took my hanging rack with me to display some previous refashions and future projects.
I thought a fun way to engage the kids (and the adults that were with them!) would be to include cards where they could write down their ideas for a particular item. 
For the already refashioned items, I attached a ‘before’ picture so folks could see the changes the item had undergone. 


homespun by laura, refashion, pink floral dress
My stunt double modeled a refashion for me.
This dress hasn’t made it onto the blog yet.  It’s refashioned from a beautiful dress that belonged to my grandmother.
Totes and purses, mostly refashioned from skirts that didn’t fit.
One of the bags above is for sale in the shop!  Two of the others were gifts for my mother-in-law and sister-in-law.  All were refashioned from skirts or other items that didn’t fit quite right. 


For a while, the interactive robot was stationed near us. 
It’s hard to compete with a talking robot.
Lots of activity going on here!
I wandered around the museum for a few minutes on my lunch break and came across this junk dinosaur.  I had to stop and admire him for a while; each piece of junk on him was so interesting.  How fun would it be to make one of these out of thrift store junk?! 


This was a fun event and helped prepare me for future events where I can sell and showcase my creations!

Thanks for reading!


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