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Daily Doodles: Week 9 and a Free Printable Recipe

When I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted to share this recipe, I realized it was a perfect opportunity to catch up on some of my Daily Doodles.  I Decided to create an illustrated recipe card instead of just typing out a boring blank one.

I sat down one morning and sketched out the ingredients and utensils used to make this delicious recipe and when I had finished painting them, I scanned them.
I then typed up the recipe, which was actually rather difficult since my copy of it was really just notes scribbled on several different versions of similar recipes from a variety of sources.  
After I had combined them into one recipe that I hope will make sense to others, I used Photoshop to combine the text with my Doodles.

This illustrated recipe card is now available for you to download!

Right-click on the image to save and print!

Doodle summary:
This week’s Doodle total:  11
Yearly Doodle total: 63

Thanks for reading!  Don’t forget to print your own illustrated strawberry basil jam recipe!


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