Easy DIY Curtain Rods + Finials | Homespun by Laura | How to make beautiful, inexpensive curtain rods for under $14.00 per rod!!

Easy DIY Curtain Rods + Finials

I’m back today to share my DIY curtain rods and finials with you!  These were a fun project to work on, and paired with the new curtains, they really make a big impact in the room.  The best part?  The materials came in at under $11 per window and it took only an afternoon to make them (ok, so that’s two parts)!

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Den Redesign: The Plan (and my first mood board!)

Den Redesign: The Plan (and my first mood board!) | Homespun by Laura

It’s a habit of mine to conceptualize and complete a project long before it ever makes an appearance on the blog.  I complete one project and before I know it, I’m already so wrapped up in the next one that I can’t stop myself long enough to go back and write about the previous one – and then don’t wind up writing about the second one in a timely manner, either.   
So with this project, I’m trying to do better.  I’m sharing the plan before I even start on it to help keep myself accountable.  The idea is that I’ll actually write about different parts of the project as I go so it’s not all waiting for me as one giant, overwhelming post at the end.

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Dog Toy Box from Old Milk Crate

 After we got our second dog about a year ago, the number of dog toys lying around the house multiplied and I finally got tired enough of tripping over them to do something about it.  They needed a home, even if they would still wind up spread all over the house over time.  I decided I wanted to find a cute wooden crate, attach some kind of feet to it, and toss all the toys inside – but not one of those unfinished ones from the craft store.  I’ve got a few of those storing other things around the house, but I wanted this one to be different.  

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