Projects for my Parents: Part 3

The third and final project that we completed for our Mother’s Day/Father’s Day Work Weekend last month was to create and install a shelf above the microwave in my parents’ kitchen.  For the first 27 or 28 years that we lived here (it just feels weird to only say ‘they lived here’ and exclude myself from it even though I moved out over seven years ago), there was a giant built-in microwave.  A couple years ago, though, it finally died, and my parents had to buy a new one.  The new one is much smaller than the first and looked so lonely in such a large opening.  And when my dad sawed off the wooden trim to remove the old broken microwave, some of the trim turned out a little uneven and needed to be smoothed out. 

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Everything – Including the Kitchen Sink!

It’s been a cold couple of weeks for us here in SC!  It hasn’t gotten out of the 30s for a couple of days, which is not normal for us; it’s been windy, too.  The high today is 32 with wind gusts up to 40 mph!  What happened to our average February temperature of 60?!  I’m staying warm on the couch snuggled under a blanket, two little balls of fluffy and fuzzy cuteness curled up next to me, with a bowl of warm tomato soup, my new favorite lunch for the past few weeks during this super cold weather.  Now that you have a mental image, let’s get down to business.

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Antique Kitchen Hutch Transformation | Homespun by Laura | Transform a dirty, old hutch into a beautiful two-toned farmhouse hutch with paint and a Wagner sprayer.

Antique Kitchen Hutch Transformation

About a year and a half ago, I decided that the layout in the dining area of our kitchen wasn’t working.  I’d always wanted a desk in the kitchen to keep papers from piling up on the table, so we moved our desk into it about two years after we moved in…but it took up too much space and didn’t really wind up serving its purpose well enough to justify the amount of space it took up.  About a year ago, after pondering for months to figure out what the right solution was, it finally hit me. 

Pretty Polka Dot Kitchen Crock

Hello to you from the golf course!  Yep, I’m blogging as I ride along with the Mister while he and a few friends play a full 18.  Plenty of time to write a blog post and catch up on a bunch of old emails! 
I found this ugly old crock for $.75 at Goodwill a few months ago.  I’d been looking for something to put on the counter next to the stove to hold a few of the spoons and spatulas I use the most, and this was perfect.  Except it was really ugly. 

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