how to make a computer tote bag from an old blazer refashion

DIY Computer Tote: A New Life for an Old Blazer + a Tutorial

Once upon a time, I decided to attend my first blogging conference.  The Haven conference is a DIY & home decor blogger’s conference held annually in Atlanta, so it seemed like the right fit for my first event.  

It seemed likely that I’d start to feel a little intimidated at some point as a result of sharing airspace with hundreds of other talented and accomplished ladies (and a few gents, too) and decided that having a piece with me that reminded me of my own talents would be like walking around carrying a little shield, preventing feelings of self-doubt to penetrate my brain.  I also knew I’d need a bag to tote around note-taking materials and conference goodies.

It only made sense that I kill two birds with one stone and (re)fashion myself a new bag to fit these needs. 
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Sweater Dress with Side Bow Refashion

wool side bow sweater dress refashion after photo

My aunt recently cleaned out her closet and sewing stash and gave me the equivalent of a few suitcases worth of beautiful clothes and fabrics.  Vintage clothing made of linen, wool, and silk, and yards upon yards of wool, velvet, and a few decorator fabrics.  This beautiful blue wool sweater dress demanded to be the first to receive a makeover.

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Beach Dress Refashioned from Wrap Skirt

I’d love to report that I’m working at my new desk in my new office, but unfortunately I am not.  It’s 58 degrees in there, so I have retreated to the kitchen table.  It’s unfortunate because my dislike of trying to work at the kitchen table was one of the reasons I was so motivated to transform the office space.  But the window unit is still sitting on the floor in front of the window and I’m cold-natured to begin with, so sitting at a desk would make it hard to type as the blood retreats from my fingers into the core to keep the vital organs working.  Kind of reminds me of sitting in my old office at my former job, which was at a gym, so it was always frigid.

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Doll Refashion: Maxi Dress from a Shirt Sleeve

Last week, I shared the DIY doll clothing rack I made for our friends’ little girl’s fifth birthday.  It was easy to make and turned out to be really cute, but without clothes on it, it just looked like a funny wooden basket.  So she’d immediately understand what it was, I made a few new clothing items for her new doll and hung them on it.
I started out by stitching up a couple elastic waist skirts, then created my first doll refashion from a scrap of a previous human refashion.

Sweater Refashion: Part 3

The last remaining bit of sweater after part 1 and part 2 were complete was just asking to be made into something else.  I wasn’t sure what to make it into at first, so I typed in ‘sweater refashion’ on Pinterest and found this headband, which stuck with me as I continued searching.  Living in the ‘famously hot’ city of Columbia, SC, there isn’t often a need for more than just a vest or a coat when I’m out and about since we drive everywhere and generally only have to be outside long enough to walk from the car to the store/restaurant/theater and right back to the car when we leave.  But for the few times each year when it is cold enough to want a head cover, this one will fit the bill – for free! 

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Sweater Refashion: Part 2

After I finished sweater refashion part 1, my feet were cold so I pulled the sleeves on like socks and walked around wearing the rest of the sweater as a pair of attached socks for the evening – probably not recommended, but I never did trip, so that’s good news.  Other good news: they kept my feet warm!  So I decided that what I would do with the sleeves is make myself a pair of knee-length lounging socks for days I spend a large portion of my time working on projects at home.  

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