Doll Refashion: Maxi Dress from a Shirt Sleeve

Last week, I shared the DIY doll clothing rack I made for our friends’ little girl’s fifth birthday.  It was easy to make and turned out to be really cute, but without clothes on it, it just looked like a funny wooden basket.  So she’d immediately understand what it was, I made a few new clothing items for her new doll and hung them on it.
I started out by stitching up a couple elastic waist skirts, then created my first doll refashion from a scrap of a previous human refashion.

DIY Doll Clothes Rack

Our good friends’ little girl turned five this year.  Instead of a having birthday party, they celebrated with a trip to the American Girl store.  She thoroughly enjoyed her visit there, which included a tea party with her new doll.  

Since there was no party this year – and therefore no cake to be baked by yours truly – I decided that I would make a gift related to her doll.  I searched for ideas on Pinterest, and of course I found an overwhelming number of options that made me wish I was 8 again and in the prime of my doll enjoyment years.  The idea that I liked best and thought would be quite useful for corralling all the doll’s shoes, brushes, and clothing was a portable clothes rack. 

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Den Redesign: Linen Curtains with Hidden Tabs

Today I’m coming to you from a shaded table on the sidewalk outside of a restaurant downtown.   I’ve got a nice view of a fountain across the street and recent college graduates walking around in their black gowns, surrounded by family members.  It’s a nice change of pace from blogging on our new couch, which is really unproductive because it’s so comfortable it just makes me want to take a nap.  I really should get around to creating a new office space with a dedicated area for the computer soon.  But first, I must finish the den project, which brings us around to curtains.  

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Removable Binder Cover

After a few months of dabbling in blogging, I realized I needed a notebook to keep up with ideas, projects, and plans.

I pulled out this old notebook that was once my mom’s (and perhaps had been my grandfather’s at some point?  I think it was something that he had used while he was in the Army) that I covered with bug wrapping paper when I was about ten years old.  

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Boogie Shoes

Again I have been absent for longer than intended.  It’s hard to slow myself down enough to stop ‘doing’ in order to write (blog) about what it is that I do.  Since my last visit, we attended my cousin’s wedding, went to Atlanta for the wedding of a family friend and a Braves game, took an anniversary trip to Mexico with our friends, who were also celebrating their anniversary, and went to the beach with my extended family.  Things seem to finally have slowed down enough for me to catch up!

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