The $75 Powder Room Update: One Room Challenge Week 1 | Homespun by Laura

$75 DIY Powder Room Update – One Room Challenge Week 1

With a little bit of paint and perseverance – and $75 – I’m tackling a long-overdue DIY powder room update!  My goal is to completely transform our 1980s downstairs bathroom with a floor-to-ceiling makeover during this fall’s One Room Challenge.

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Cleaned up antique brass hardware, cotton stems, and hardback books dress up a boring desk in the den | Homespun by Laura

30 Projects in 30 Days: Week 4

The final days of the 30 Projects in 30 Days challenge really snuck up on me.  Fortunately, my month of September miraculously lasted 35 days!  All 30 projects I set out to complete have now been checked off the list.

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The $200 Master Bathroom Refresh | Homespun by Laura

30 Projects in 30 Days: Week 3 (The $200 Master Bathroom Refresh)

I don’t know why (in my head, anyway) I had to leave our master bathroom untouched until a full renovation made its way to the top of the project list.  A shocking 8.5 years went by before I realized this was a really stupid idea that was just preventing us from enjoying the space we have.  For week 3 of the #30projectsin30days challenge, I focused my attention on giving this sorry excuse for a master bathroom a long-overdue facelift.

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Master bedroom refresh | Homespun by Laura | Budget master bedroom redecoration

30 Projects in 30 Days: Week 2 (Master Bedroom Refresh)

During the second week of the #30projectsin30days challenge hosted by Stacy of BLAKE HILL HOUSE, I focused on finishing up the master bedroom refresh I started earlier this year.

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30 Projects in 30 Days | Homespun by Laura | Week 1 - Drawers and Walls

30 Projects 30 Days: Week 1 (Drawers and Walls)

throughout the month of September, i’m tackling my to-do list.  I’ll check off 30 items that have been on the to-do list for way too long.  From boring things like paint touch-ups and fixing broken drawers to bigger, more exciting  projects like finishing up our bedroom and a $200 master bathroom refresh, I am getting stuff done in September!

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DIY Copper + Wood Laptop Stand | Homespun by Laura | Make more space on your desk! How to build a space-saving shelf for laptop from copper tubing and a piece of scrap wood.

DIY Copper + Wood Laptop Stand

In my One Room Challenge reveal post earlier this month, I shared the new stand I made to go over my laptop and clear up space on my desk.  Today, I’m sharing the steps I took to make it so you can make something similar for your own purposes. Continue reading

Cover your unsightly fuse box with a handy DIY laundry drying rack | Homespun by Laura

DIY Laundry Rack / Fuse Box Cover


When I started redecorating the laundry room for the Fall 2016 One Room Challenge, I knew I wanted to cover the fuse box up in a way that would leave it accessible when we need it, but I wasn’t exactly sure how to do it.

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DIY Medal + Trophy Display Shelf | Homespun by Laura | DIY shelf to display running, swimming, biking, sports medals

DIY Medal + Trophy Display Shelf

Do you have an abundance of sports medals hiding in a drawer or closet?  Almost every 5k road race these days hands out a medal to finishers.  Kids’ sports teams are often given trophies or medals at the end of the season.  Whether earned running, swimming, biking, or kicking, this project is the perfect solution for displaying all those medals in a place of honor.

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